My Short Story....
Since I was a child I always wanted to be around animals, that’s why I chose to study agricultural engineering. Unfortunately the university years were not always fun, majority of the subject were linked to genetics and biochemistry, of course we had the odd interesting ones, like dog breeding, animal behaviour, Anatomy and Physiology of farm animals. Although I promised myself to complete my Masters Degree, so I did.

My passion has always been training dogs and helping people. I wanted to choose a profession, which encompassed my interests. During my uni years I joined a voluntary Search and Rescue Team, which perfectly satisfied my needs.  

I attended as many dog training and pre-hospital care courses as possible, qualified as a Police Dog Handler, and a Dog Trainer and also joined a voluntary Ambulance Service.

From starting as a dog handler soon I became the dog training instructor of the team and one of the instructors of the International Rescue Dog Organisation.  

Operating within a Search and Rescue Team had a great impact on me and was very rewarding. This has taken me into my current role within the Ambulance Service…and of course my life would not be complete without working with the dogs.

Why The K9 Concept?......
For me the only concept in dog training is that there is no ONE concept in training owners and dogs. It is important to customise the training programme to their individual needs by finding the best training method(s) in order to achieve success.