Fun Days
These days are action packed days full of activities, which vary day to day:

Socialisation, environmental training
  •  Group walks with other dogs
  •  Town & park walks
  •  Learn how to behave in a home environment
  •  Meeting other animals
  •  Interacting with children
  •  Meeting other animals

Fitness Training
  •  Agility training
  •  Swimming/paddling (weather permitted)
  •  Sprints and stamina building

Play Time
  •  Toy play
  •  Dog activity games
  •  Playing with other dogs 

Basic Obedience Training
  •  Sit, down, come
  •  Lead work

Normal hours 08:00 – 16:00.  
Outside these hours, other arrangements can be made.  
Pick up and drop off by prior arrangement (by us or the owner).