Walking & Drop in

Walking & Drop in

from 20 minutes

Starting from £8

All dogs have to be assessed before they can sign up for dog walks.

All dogs have to be fully vaccinated.

DOG WALKING - We will pick up your dog from home and drop them back after they had a good walk. Your dog will be exercised off-lead with other dogs, unless your dog requires to be on the lead or to be walked separately. 

1 hour walk, £10

DROP IN SERVICE - We also provide a Drop in Service, if you have a puppy or a dog that’s recovering from an illness orsurgery and is not allowed out for a walk. Depending on your requirement, this service includes: letting your dog out in the garden for toileting, playing and feeding. 

20 minute service, £8

Find out more or book a service (info@thek9concept.com)