Search Dog Training

Search Dog Training

Scent work training – (group from £10, 1-2-1 from £25)

During these sessions we teach your dog to search for a specific scent for fun. It is a great way of mentally stimulating your dog, as well as building their confidence. We will also focus on your handler skills which will help you to communicate better with your dog.

Search & Rescue (SAR) Dog Training – (group from £15, 1-2-1 from £50)

Training your dog to search for a person. We teach your dog to air scent to find someone hidden and to let you know that they have found. You will learn about scent theory, search techniques, different ways of indications your dog can tell you that they have found…and much more. Whether you’d like to teach this for fun or because you’d like to join a SAR Team, it’s definitely a very unique and rewarding skill that you and your dog will learn.

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**Prices may vary according to the amount of dogs and/or the type of class.**